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Allergen Intelligence Natasha’s Law Labelling

A1 Retail's Allergen Intelligence Natasha’s Law Labelling.

The introduction of Natasha’s Law means that every Food Retailer in the UK by October 2021 must provide full ingredients labelling on all foods Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) on the premises.

A1 Retail along with our development partner have developed a solution which incorporates Natasha’s Law into a labelling solution called Allergen Intelligence.

Allergen Intelligence is a Food Management Solution which provides a fully integrated workflow streamlining the creation of mandatory nutritional and allergen information.

Allergen Intelligence offers database integration and effortless output to label printers and can even incorporate new digital channels such as mobile apps and food ordering kiosks.

Allergen Intelligence Devices

Allergen Intelligence streamlines how ingredients are added and updated onto the system, resulting in consistent and accurate food labelling information.

Using Allergen Intelligence is very simple 3 Step Process.

  1. Add your Ingredients
  2. Build your Recipe
  3. Print your Label

Ingredients can be added using the following processes:

  • Manual Entry
  • Spreadsheet Upload
  • Integration with both local and national data sources

Creating your Recipes is also very easy

  • Select your ingredients
  • Enter the measure
  • Allergen Intelligence does the rest! Nutritional information is calculated and allergens are automatically added.

Allergen Assistant Products

Printing your Natasha’s Law Compliant Labels is so easy!

The Complete Natasha’s Law Labelling Solutions

A1 Retail can provide a complete solution which can be bought or leased, this includes:

  • Kitchen Grade Touch Screen
  • Label Printer
  • Labels (these must be purchased not leased)


For more information, pricing or to arrange a demo of our Allergen Intelligence call us on 028 9099 3533 or email us at colin@a1retail.co.uk